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White Settlement Historical Museum
8320 Hanon Drive
White Settlement, TX 76108
Phone: 817-246-9719

Books Available

A Brief History of Pressing Irons For The Beginning Collector
©2007, Paper Cover, 40 pages [4 copies]
Maurice G. Lambert
Autographed by Maurice G. Lambert
White Settlement
©1987, Blue Paper Cover, 160 pages [35 copies]
By the White Settlement Sesqiucentennial Committee. Compiled by Frances Colwell $21.65
Memories of Liberator Village
©2007 Fourth Edition [24 copies]
White Paper Cover, 188 pages
Maurice G. Lambert
Autographed by Maurice G. Lambert
Echoes of Yesterday - A History of White Settlement Schools
©1990, Paper Cover, 164 pages [5 copies]
Betty McCrary Dickey $15.00
Aces High
©1989 3rd edition, General Dynamics
Paper Cover, 48 pages [29 copies]
Text and Illustrations by Bob Cunningham $10.83
The Aviation Art of Bob Cunningham
©1990, General Dynamics
Hard Cover, 80 pages [Only One Copy Available]
Bob Cunningham $10.83
Tumult In The Clouds
©1990, General Dynamics
Hard Cover, 56 pages [27 copies]
Bob Cunningham $10.83
The Austin-Boston Connection - Five Decades of House Democratic Leadership 1937-1989
©1989, Texas A&M University Press
Paper Cover, 327 pages [3 copies]
James W. Riddlesperger Jr. et al
Autographed by James W. Riddlesperger Jr.
Lone Star Leaders - Power and Personality in the Texas Congressional Delegates
©2011, TCU Press
Hard Cover, 247 pages [1 copy]
James W. Riddlesperger Jr.
Autographed by James W. Riddlesperger Jr.
The Trees of Our Lake
Soft Cover, 136 pages [5 copies]
Wes Culwell (Master Arborist and Author) and Chuck Garrett (Photographer)
Autographed by Wes Culwell

Books Available By Special Order

Prices to be determined by current reprinting expense if out-of-stock at time of request

White Settlement Cemetery 1855-1953 (Moved to Oakwood)
157 Pages Double-sided
Frances Colwell $26 (out-of-stock)
Thompson Family Cemetery History and Profiles
74 Pages Single-sided
Frances Colwell $14 [4 copies]
Thompson Public Cemetery Profiles Vol 1
90 Pages Double-sided
$18 [5 copies]
Thompson Public Cemetery Profiles Vol 2
33 Pages mostly single-sided
$10 [1 copy]
History of the Judd Street Cemetery
50 Pages Single-sided
$12 [2 copies]
History of the Allen Log Cabin
109 Pages Double-sided
$21 [out-of-stock]
History of the 1994 Signature Quilt benefiting the White Settlement Historical Society Scholarship Fund
51 Pages Double-sided
Frances Colwell $6 [3 copies]
Civil War Veterans 1861-1865 (White Settlement Historical Society Members Connected)
42 Pages Single-sided
Frances Colwell $15 [3 copies]

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